(Posted: December 2013)

The Corporations Law requires an overseas company to register under the Corporations Law of a particular state or territory before it commences to carry on a business in Australia. However it should be noted once a company is registered with ASIC in this way, it is able to operate nationally without the need to concern itself with state boundaries.

Registration procedure
The procedure to register a foreign company is completed by the lodgement of documents of registration (of which further details can be supplied if you proceed). A fee is payable on the lodgement of documents for the registration of a foreign company. The fees are available at the website of the regulator.
On registration the ASIC is required to issue a certificate of registration to the company in a prescribed form. This certificate is prima facie evidence of the particulars mentioned therein and states the company’s Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) which is required to be quoted on all official company documents, for example correspondence, invoices, cheques, etc.