CGSA group is a bilingual (German/English speaking) and owner managed boutique accounting firm which is based in the metropolitan area of Sydney.

Our clients can expect reliable information and business advice that goes beyond taxation and accounting and impacts the overall bottom line of their business. In addition to our core services we provide functional market analysis, research of business opportunities as well as market entry strategies. Since no two businesses are the same, we deliver individualised solutions to our clients which are tailored to their needs.

Our highly experienced CFO-, accounting and tax specialists have an in-depth understanding of both establishing and running a successful business in Australia. We also advise on market exit strategies and manage both direct (Corporate Income Taxes) and indirect tax (GST, FBT, LCT, WET, Custom duty) compliance.

If you have further inquiries about corporate migration to Australia, please contact Christian. He is one of our leading international tax specialists.